The Roar Of The Greasepaint, The Smell Of The Crowd
Actors Needed
  DATE: MARCH 17TH & 24TH, 2013 - 7:00 PM
  TIME: 7:00 PM
Actors Needed
  The cast for THE ROAR OF THE GREASEPAINT, THE SMELL OF THE CROWD includes a total of 1 woman and 3 men, as well as ensemble that will play the urchins.
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Director Notes

Although this musical features two male leads, it is very much an ensemble piece. The leads, the featured performers and the chorus of “urchins” all need to have strong clear voices that can blend and harmonize. And, while there is no big “dance” production number, many of the musical numbers will be staged with choreographed movement and, yes, dance moves. The libretto is technically British, but the allegory presented is universal. A passable London accent will be required of the character “Sir” and "Cocky" should be able to offer a passable Cockney Accent. In enunciating song lyrics, however, all that will be required is correct English pronunciation.  

The playing ages of the two male principals can be anywhere from 30 to 50+. The ingénue should play younger than 30 and the Black Man can be of any age. The Kid and Urchins in the chorus should be no younger than 10 years of age, unless a child can demonstrate maturity and talent beyond his/her actual age. The actual upper age limit of members of the chorus will be determined by the apparent age of the performer, but probably not looking older than early 20s.  

Show Descriptions

"Haves vs. Have Nots", "99% vs. 1%":This musical gives you a comic tale of the English class system. Meet Sir, a pompous individual who is always on the winning side, and Cocky, his meek partner who always seems to be on the losing end of the "game" the two men play. Accompanied by the Urchins, the two players move through their "Game of Life". The show features such hits as "On A Wonderful Day Like Today," "The Joker," "Feelin' Good," and "Who Can I Turn To" written by Leslie Bricusse and Anthony Newley (Willy Wonka, Stop The World...)

Character Descriptions
Sir: Distinguished looking gentleman of high manners, stuffy, full of himself, almost overbearing. Vocal range is Baritone to low Tenor. The actor cast must be able speak in a passable proper British accent and will be asked to sing the numbers performed by this Character, not sing/speak ala Rex Harrison or the originator of the role, Cyril Richard. (Age:30 to 50. Younger performers who can play older should not be discouraged from auditioning. 
Cocky: Raggedly, ruffled looking fellow capable of better things than he is permitted to achieve, not at all low brow just beaten down. Vocal range is strong clear Tenor. The actor cast should be able to speak in a passable cockney accent, but will be discouraged from singing the lyrics of the numbers to be performed by this Character in the cockney accent. (Age:25 to 35, in any event, younger looking that the actor cast as Sir. 
The Kid: Any one of the ragamuffin urchins who shows big personality and can manage a passable cockney accent. The role may be double/triple cast if more than one urchin stands out. 
The Girl:  Vocal range is Soprano. Pretty waif-like innocent as opposed to a voluptuous experienced temptress.(Age:16 to 25) 
The Black Man: Vocal range is strong baritone. Speaking accent not specified. British, maybe Jamaican, but not gangsta-punk street-speak.(Age:irrelevant) 
The Bully: Any one of the urchins who looks or acts big enough to beat up Cocky. The role may be double/triple cast if more than one urchin stands out. 
The Urchins: Mixed Chorus of ragamuffin children and teens with a range of strong voices and able to hold harmonies in four-part choral numbers. Must also be able to learn choreographed stage movement and take direction to create controlled improvised reaction to the activity of the principals. (Age:10 to 20's) 
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