Oyster Mill Playhouse is pleased to introduce the 2019 Season – “What Makes Us Human” What is a human being? A brain, a skeleton, skin and bone? What about our morality? Our ability to reason and rationalize? How do we find ourselves as we journey through life? The human experience is defined by our relationships with others. The feeling of falling in love, whether it is the first time or newly appreciating someone in your life. Learning that not everyone thinks the way you do, and sometimes you want what you can’t have. Laughing until you cry with a good friend. Knowing that sometimes family isn’t defined by blood. Understanding that we can’t change where we came from, but we can learn to do better for others. Whether it’s a mystery to solve, a comedy to lift the spirits, or a musical that lets you escape reality for a moment, you’ll find something to love this year at OMP. Won’t you join us?