Oyster Mill Playhouse is please to announce our 2020 season.  Memories can be many things; a fond recollection of the freedom of youth, the remembrances of a loved one since passed, the sound of laughter in a familiar room, the heartbreak of loss, the joy of reunion. Approaching our 2020 Season, we reflect on the past and look toward the future, full of hope, ready for change.

This year, we explore memory and celebration through the theme of HOMAGE. We will solve a mystery, build a home, make new friends, run from the past, struggle with family issues, explore relationships old and new, and learn that getting what we want isn’t always the perfect solution. We will reflect and grow together, and you’re invited.

Whether it’s a mystery to solve, a comedy to lift the spirits, or a musical that lets you escape reality for a moment, you’ll find something to love this year at OMP. Won’t you join us?