Our experienced improvisational actors will transform your gathering into an event that will be talked about and remembered for years to come. Oyster Mill Playhouse isn’t equipped to host murder mystery parties. So … we come to you. The location of your event is determined and arranged by you. You may also choose from a variety of available murder mystery scenarios to suit your group or for recurring engagements.


Successful and enjoyable murder mysteries are most often combined with a sit-down meal. Shortly after your guests arrive, the “murderous situation” will be disclosed. Each of your guests will be asked to serve as an amateur detective and assist in questioning the suspects and identifying the killer. Key suspects (Playhouse actors) and amateur detectives (your guests) will mingle and dine together as the suspects tell their stories and are either discreetly question or blatantly interrogated by your detective-guests.

Between courses, there’ll be ample opportunity for open, group questioning of the suspects, and at the end of the evening (usually about two hours) your detective-guests will be asked to render their written verdicts and identify who they believe committed the murder and the motive.

As an added bonus, many groups offer a “prize” for the detective(s) who successfully identify the correct murderer and motive.


  • Birthday and Anniversary Parties
  • Company Gatherings
  • Client or Customer Appreciation Events
  • School Events
  • Fundraisers
  • Church Socials
  • Conference “Ice-Breakers”
  • Family Reunions


Size depends on the detective “skills” of your guests, however, a minimum of ten people participating as detectives usually makes for an interesting evening. If space permits, as many as 150 guests can enjoy the event. We recommend larger groups are seated at tables that allow the suspects to mingle and move among the tables during the course of the evening (wedding reception style).


Introduction packet for each dining table
Suspect dossiers for each dining table
Actors who portray the suspects
Actor who portrays the coordinating detective
Actor transportation to your site
Appropriate costumes for suspects
Necessary props for suspects
Verdict sheet (for each of your guests)


Invitations and all publicity
Room arrangements
Meals for all of your guests (plated or buffet style works well)
Meals for all of the suspects and the coordinating detective
(Quantity depends on scenario selected.)
An area/platform for group questioning (elevated for larger groups)
Amplification system (for larger groups)


The cost of Murder Mysteries from the Mill varies depending on group size and distance from Oyster Mill Playhouse (Camp Hill, PA).

Email us today to begin planning your special event.