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January 17th – February 2nd, 2020

January 17 – February 2, 2020

Directed by Aliza Bardfield

Matthew Treves – Stephen FJ Martin
Thomas Royde – Paul Neel
Superintendent Battle – Scott Long
Inspector Leach – Graham Woods
P.C. Benson – Anderson Isaacs
Ted Latimer – Bradon Long
Neville Strange – Jeremy Joynt
Lady Tressilian – KeriAn Cross
Mary Alden – Allison States
Audrey Strange – Caitlyn Davis
Kay Strange – Samatha Speraw

When a house party gathers at Gull’s Point, the seaside home of Lady Tressilian, Neville Strange finds himself caught between his old wife Audrey, and his new flame, Kay.  A nail-biting thriller, the play probes the psychology of jealousy in the shadow of a savage and brutal murder.  A carefully unpeeled investigation before our eyes brings the story to a pointed ending.