Dear Oyster Mill Playhouse Supporter,

Thank you in advance for visiting our Wish List page.  We always appreciate contributions of any kind.  This page is devoted to those who may be willing to donate items in-kind.

Please look through the following Wish List items.  We invite correspondence related to the wished-for items below and encourage questions.  Our goal for in-kind contributions is to honor the contributor’s wishes that the playhouse uses contributed items for the betterment of the theatre.  If for any reason we cannot use or accept the offered item(s) to Oyster Mill, we want to convey our sincere appreciation for the offer.

If we’re able to accept your donation, please let us know if we have your permission to recognize you as a donor listed on our site.  Again, thank you for visiting this page.

Oyster Mill Wish List Items

We are in need of a commercial upright vacuum cleaner that has a magnetic strip affixed to the front bumper. The machine will be used to clean the theatre’s house (patron seating) area, so an industrial machine is essential. Nails, metal screws and related building materials from set-building has damaged the residential vacuum cleaner currently in use. If you are willing to contribute this item, please click here and describe the item you may be willing to donate.

The playhouse has a large parking lot that is covered with crushed stone. Over time, the parking lot’s stone is lost due to flooding and movement due to snowplowing. It is a very large area and we’re in need of several large dumptruck loads of crushed stone that will need to be leveled. The priority is to eliminate low spots in the parking lot, thus reducing mud and puddles where cars are parked. Oyster Mill Playhouse is seeking a major in-kind donor who will donate the stone and equipment (a tractor or truck equipped with a spreading blade) needed to level the parking lot. Please click here and describe your ability to assist us.

Oyster Mill Playhouse is always in need of bottled water. Such bottles can be used as concession sale items and, in a minority of cases, used by volunteer actors during performances. This type of in-kind donation is especially helpful to the Playhouse. Proceeds and savings from reduced or eliminated water bottle purchases directly benefits Oyster Mill Playhouse’s nonprofit bottom line. Please click here and describe your potential contribution.

The playhouse is always in need of dispensable items such as toilet paper, paper towels and related cleaning items such as toilet bowl cleaner, Lime Away and window cleaner. If you would like to donate such items, please click here and describe your potential contribution.

Oyster Mill has a host of light bulb needs, including 60 watt indoor floodlight bulbs for the lobby. If you would like to donate such items, please click here and describe your potential contribution.